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 Full automatic systems

Many of railway equipment are using manual operated systems. PVI studies, designs and supplies the full kits of automatic systems that allowing reinforcing significantly the safety and the productivity.

The PVI’s know-how within automatism, slaving systems and remote controlling of machinery, associated to our knowledge in the railway equipment allow us to offer to our manufacturing partners or to our final costumers:

  • Advises within machinery automatism sector;
  • Analysis and studies to adapt the full automatic systems fitted on brand new equipment or on retrofitted or existing assets;
  • Realization of prototype for qualification and/or homologation;
  • Proposal of turnkey solutions ready to be installed by the costumer directly on-site;
  • Serial production of the full automatic systems
  • Technical assistance

Thereby, PVI has developed and manufactured several hundreds of full automatic systems for hopper wagons. The drums or traps of the hopper wagon are operated by a slaving system and fully automated.
The system is driven by one single operator using a remote control supplied by us.

The remote control and the full automatic system provide by PVI allow to:

  • Avoid operators to climb on the wagons or to the railway track for operate the drums or traps;
  • The remote control allows operating a complete train of hopper wagons by only one single operator;
  • The opening or closing of the drums or traps, as well as their orientation could drive a single wagon or be synchronized for several wagons


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