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 Narrow Truck Refuse collection chassis

The collection services industry sometimes requires access to the narrowest areas (narrow streets, historic town centres, specific streets). To meet these needs, PVI has adapted the Renault D chassis in a narrow version specifically designed for waste collection in the most restrictive environments.

The adaptability of original Renault Trucks chassis combined with PVI’s expertise in the field of "industry" chassis for heavy use enable PVI to offer its clients a 19 T narrow gauge chassis tailored for waste collection. That is a "Heavy Duty" version of the Midlum.

Fitted with a heavy section chassis and a double reduction drive axle equipped with pneumatic suspension, the Midlum 270.19 RCV offers mechanical robustness identical to that of the Renault Premium heavy distribution range. The use of mechanical components from the heavy range enables the Midlum 270.19 RCV to be supplied with a narrow gauge, 2.36 m rear wheel width.

It is equipped with a standard pneumatic hoist, is not speed restricted and is fully approved.


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