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 More than 2 millions km registered for PVI full electric vehicles in operation

28 October 2013

PVI will present its OREOS range of 100% electric buses and its innovative concept WATT System at the 24th national public transport symposium, which will take place in Bordeaux from 27 to 29 November 2013.
The opportunity to share a unique experience on PVI full electric vehicles.

The OREOS 2X and OREOS 4X, designed with mass produced chassis and bodywork, are the first genuinely fully electric public transport buses intended to be widely used by urban transport operators and local authorities:

  • The OREOS 2X is a minibus with 22 places, including 13 seats. Its compactness and its capacity make it especially well suited to meeting the growing demand for regular, comfortable city-centre shuttle services.
  • The capacity of the OREOS 4X is 49 passengers, including 25 seated. It has been designed to provide a genuine environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional internal combustion engine vehicles and can serve a variety of uses, including intermediate urban lines and shuttle links to airports and tourist sites.
    Environmentally-friendly, quiet, comfortable and pleasant, these new vehicles offer an average range of 120 to 150 kilometres without intermediary recharging or battery replacement. This represents a substantial performance increase compared to the previous generation of electric buses. Furthermore, OREOS electric buses are particularly fast, with top speeds in excess of 70kph, making it possible to get close to matching urban lines or extend the service to outer-urban areas. Using OREOS 2X or OREOS 4x on a bus line reduces the amount of atmospheric pollution by more than 100 tonnes of CO2 per year.

The electric power train unit used on the OREOS range features all of the latest technological innovations devised by PVI: an electronic control module for greater transmission efficiency and optimal electrical energy regeneration upon deceleration and breaking; and a built-in robotic gear box that provides cutting edge acceleration and gear-change performances on a par with those in the best conventional vehicles. The PVI technology also makes the vehicle exceptionally comfortable and safe to drive on slopes, thanks to the standard in-built release restraint system.
The vehicles are equipped with Lithium-ion battery packs featuring the techniques used by the major operators in the automobile industry.

PVI has been working with alternative energy commercial vehicles for more than twenty years. Using this as their foundation, PVI developed WATT System, an ambitious technology based on a 100% electric drivetrain for urban bus networks. With this solution, a standard bus fitted with an electric motor will have an unlimited driving range thanks to quick charges at each stop while passengers enter and exit.
Using the WATT System, PVI can offer major technological advances to bus service operators. This solution is easy to implement across existing bus lines and may be integrated into vehicles currently being manufactured.
This solution requires neither special bus lanes, overhead lines, electrical sub-stations nor extensive roadworks.
The energy storage and transfer uses a “totem pole” integrated into the existing urban landscape.
This will either be placed next to or integrated into the bus stop. It is powered by the low-voltage electrical grid across the city, which charges the integrated supercapacitors.
At each stop, the bus will quickly and automatically recharge at the totem pole, and in a few seconds the bus will have sufficient power to reach the next stop. The bus is also fitted with a back-up battery-pack. In this way, the vehicle benefits from unlimited range.
In comparison to diesel or gas buses, the WATT System offers considerable advantages for the environment and the community. There are no regulated pollutant emissions (NOx, NMHC, CO, HC…), no particle emissions, and extremely low noise pollution for passengers, pedestrians and the neighborhood.
WATT System will considerably reduce the carbon footprint of public transport. By integrating WATT System solution onto a bus line, it is possible to save between 800 and 1200 equivalent tons of CO₂ each year, and almost 400,000 liters of diesel.

Quiet, pollution-free buses, an easy to implement solution and an economic model with no extra cost for the operator thanks to an absence of fossil fuels. These are the key strengths of the WATT System solution, and will be made available to operators around the world. The first fitted vehicle will be operational in France in the coming months, and large-scale deliveries will commence in 2016.

About PVI
For more than twenty years, PVI has been designing and manufacturing, in France, 100% electric heavy-duty vehicles for urban applications and implementing optimized solutions and systems. Thanks to these products, the company has gained an incomparable knowledge and understanding of mass-transit vehicles, especially electric urban mini- and midi-buses. 90% of electric buses in France have been delivered by PVI. Based on this experience and understanding of electrical vehicle technology, PVI has developed the unique WATT System solution.
Since the first presentation of the new generation of electric buses OREOS at the European mobility exhibition in June 2010, close to 200 PVI electric industrial vehicles have been delivered and are in daily operation. Those fleets now register more than 2 000 000 km. Vehicles are operated by public transport organizations, municipalities, urban-logistic or urban-cleaning companies. PVI unique experience on electric drivelines represents more than 13 megawatt-hours onboard the vehicles.

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