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PVI has always invested a great deal into research and development in order to identify and develop, on an ongoing basis, solutions that are innovative, can be industrialised, and are flexible. This policy and the major resources devoted to it have enabled the Group to become the recognised actor internationally in the field of zero-carbon heavy vehicles.

The R&D teams are making constant progress in the field of innovative driveline systems. These technologies must be reliable as well as flexible or, in other words, be able to be integrated into the various types of chassis, with this being done at international level. These powertrains must also be able to communicate and control various types of batteries (Lithium-Ion with or without thermal controls and, in the future, super caps doped with lithium etc.).

PVI’s R&D team consists of over 30 engineers. This team is in charge of the design department and a laboratory (experimentation with systems and electrical components, test benches for power electronics, a simulator, etc.). Mention should also be made of the execution of prototypes with a dedicated assembly workshop in order to complete initial mass production vehicles for PVI’s customers, as well as validations and approvals for new applications.

With over 30 years’ worth of experience, in partnership with the largest manufacturers, PVI designs and executes industrial vehicles that fulfil specific needs and requirements.

Technological expertise and know-how in relation to heavy vehicles, along with their specific operating constraints, constitute the basis for PVI’s developments in the field of alternative energy sources.

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