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 The environmental revolution

Oil is now more or less the only energy source for heavy vehicles (buses, delivery vans, …). In spite of the various forms of progress imposed on manufacturers through standards, polluting emissions from diesel heavy vehicles are considerable in terms of CO2, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, particles… In addition to these polluting emissions, it should be added that these heavy trucks are noisy, specially when stationary and accelerating.

By way of an example, an average bus in cities emits 50 to 60 tonnes of CO2 every year and a 26-tonne refuse collection vehicle emits 80 to 100 t of CO2 every year.

These vehicles are both absolutely necessary for transport purposes but also cause pollution and are harsh on the surroundings. What are the solutions?

The large majority of diesel heavy vehicles used for urban applications could be replaced by fully electric vehicles. Every day, both running these vehicles and their itineraries are stable and recurrent. You know that the distance to be completed is constant (for example 60 to 120 km on average for refuse collection trucks), and that every evening the vehicles return to a specific, set place where it is always possible to hook up electric vehicles.

The stable nature of the itineraries completed, a speed limit (up to 90 kmph), considerable diesel consumption by these vehicles, and a reasonable daily distance, make switching over to a fully electric vehicle both economical and broadly feasible.

Just imagine European cities where buses, delivery trucks and sanitation and refuse collection trucks are completely silent and non-polluting. It would be a real pleasure and would offer a real improvement to our environment!

PVI now integrates its solutions and powertrains into fully electric heavy vehicles on numerous different types of chassis, and for which all the applications are urban. Oréos 2X and 4X urban buses, the Aptinéo minicoach, the Renault Maxity commercial vehicle integrated into the Renault Trucks offer, and the C-Less 26 and C-Less 19 heavy range lorries are all products intended for the European market.
This market constitutes a unique range showing both the willigness of the PVI Group to improving our environment and the flexibility of the technologies developed in terms of powertrains.

Urban heavy vehicles are both necessary and are major sources of pollution. Adapting fully electric versions so that we can improve our environment immediately is a strong, growing trend. PVI is at the heart of this dynamism!

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