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The PVI Group is based on a diverse range of various specialised sectors, from electric heavy vehicles and NGVs through to railways business lines and work on special machinery. This diversity and flexibility provide security for the Group, which operates in these industrial fields for 40 years and became fully independent in 2007. _

PVI’s know-how enables products and technologies to be offered which fulfil the most sophisticated requirements of the automotive industry. Naturally oriented towards highly specialised markets, the firm has developed recognised expertise in the field of industrial vehicles implementing engine types offering an alternative to diesel, and particularly fully electric vehicles and gas vehicles.

The Group wishes to be continually innovative and to provide new technological solutions in order to improve vehicles’ performance characteristics as well as improving our environment.
Major investments devoted to R&D over the last 10 years enable PVI to be the benchmark corporate at the cutting edge of alternative energy sources for industrial vehicles. The whole of the PVI Group gives electric mobility the industrial dimension required to ensure our planet’s ecological balances.

In 2013, PVI founded its subsidiary in China in order to respond to local demands for powertrains for electric heavy vehicles, and to provide local support for its customers and partners.

Opting for innovative technologies that protect the environment due to an absence of CO2 emissions, and the development of silent vehicles which are absolutely essential for city life, form part of an environmentally responsible corporate dynamic to which all its employees are deeply attached.

Today, the majority of PVI has become a managerial holding company, consisting of its Chairman, Michel Bouton and his associates. All of these associates who took part in this operation in 2012 are showing their conviction through the development of the PVI Group.
Know-how and experience, combined with innovation, constitute the firm basis for the corporate’s values. Silent environmentally-friendly solutions are at the heart of the PVI Group’s development.

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