With a range that can reach of up to 300 km, the "CITYBUS H2-TECH" can carry up to 15 passengers (9 seated, 6 standing) with easy and safe access for people with reduced mobility (low, flat floor + PRM access ramp).

It is perfectly suited to the needs of companies, municipalities and local public services involved in urban passenger transport.

The CITYBUS H2-TECH is equipped with a 30 kW fuel cell, a 33 kWh battery and a tank containing 4.7 kg of hydrogen at 350 bar. The total on-board energy capacity is 100 kWh.

Main features of the CITYBUS H2-TECH :

  • Flat floor
  • Range up to 300km
  • H2 recharge in 5min
  • No CO2, NOX or CH4 emissions when driving
  • Low noise level
  • Regenerative braking
  • Electric air conditioning and heating
  • Connected vehicle
  • Based on Renault Master ZE

The CITYBUS H2-TECH is distributed throughout Europe via a network of distributors who also manage the maintenance of PVI buses through the Renault PRO+ network.

Working with PVI