Ecological Approach

Oil is nowadays the almost unique source of energy for heavy vehicles (buses, delivery trucks, cleanliness trucks, etc.). Despite the progress imposed on manufacturers by standards, the polluting emission of heavy diesel vehicles is considerable, both in CO2, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and particles. In addition to these polluting emissions, it should be added that these heavy vehicles are noisy, both when stopped and when accelerating.

PVI - The C-LESS 100% electric truck range

The majority of heavy diesel vehicles used for urban applications could be replaced by 100% electric vehicles.

Every day, the operation of these vehicles is repetitive.

The distances covered each day are constant (between 50 and 150 km), and every evening, the vehicles return to a precise place that is compatible with the  installation of an electrical charge socket.

For all these reasons, PVI has been developing and offering environmentally friendly and economically relevant solutions for 30 years.

Working with PVI