Our History


PVI designed, developed and industrialised its first electric trucks and buses 30 years ago using lead and then nickel-cadmium batteries. Several hundred vehicles (Puncher, OREOS 22, OREOS 55) have been produced and marketed to French companies and local authorities.

In 2010, PVI developed new powertrain implementing the best components of the moment, including Lithium-ion batteries on vehicles from 3.5t to 27t.

In 2015, PVI developed its third generation of electric or hybrid vehicles using the latest generations of Li-Ion batteries, electric motors, super-capacitors (WATT project), fuel cells range extender (on MAXITY) and so on.

PVI is currently working on new products and has been manufacturing the Master ZE since 2018 using powertrain system and batteries from the Groupe Renault. The Master ZE is marketed by Renault.






Working with PVI