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Getting to know PVI

A short Summary

PVI is a brand of Groupe Renault specialising in the production of innovative vehicles using alternative energies.

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Our know-how

For more than 25 years, PVI has been designing and manufacturing trucks for large industrial groups and local authorities.


Innovative vehicles Branded PVI

PVI markets his own innovative vehicles as the electric truck C-LESS.

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Innovative vehicles Other brands

PVI develops and manufactures innovative vehicles for other manufacturers.

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In Production at PVI

We offer our customers our own solutions marketed under the PVI brand and we assemble alternative energy vehicles for other manufacturers.

100% electric chassis

The CLESS is a 27-ton 100% electric chassis marketed in Europe by PVI.

D19 BOM Narrow track

The D19 BOM narrow track is a 19 tonnes chassis marketed in France by the Renault Trucks network.

Master ZE
100% electric

The Master ZE is a 3.1-tonne 100% electric light commercial vehicle marketed in Europe by the Renault network.


The 19/26 tonnes "Volvo Trucks FE" & "Renault Trucks D-Wide" gas chassis are marketed in Europe by Volvo & Renault Trucks networks.

PVI Services

PVI provides several services related to its environmental clean industrial vehicles.

Battery Rental

Optimized performances

We offer PVI customers long-term rental contracts for our batteries as an economical full service package.

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Customer Training

Learn how to maintain yourself

We share our know-how with our customers who wish to become autonomous for maintenance.

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After-Sales Service


Our after-sales service ensures the preventive and curative maintenance of vehicles manufactured by PVI in Europe.

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Spare parts

Our spare parts

We ensure the supply of spare parts for the maintenance of the vehicles we manufacture thanks to a local stock of parts.

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Our News

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